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Football’s International Break

Football’s International Break

Many people debate about the current international break – Is it good or bad? Does it tire premier league footballers out? Does it remove football fans interest from international football as a whole? Following the 2020 Euros, there is certainly a hangover feeling, making it hard to get behind international football such as the nations league, world cup qualifiers and international friendlies.

The Nations League

Whilst the Nations League was launched in 2018 by UEFA, recent interest has declined following an intense and thrilling Euros football competition. The final is today – Sunday 10th October with France playing Spain. However, there has been little build up or talk, and it begs the question – is the competition meaningful? Some premier league players avoid the international break, with minor injuries or recovery time. However, players such as Manchester united’s Paul Pogba, has thrived in the national league and has helped France to the Final. It appears then, to most players, the tournament means something, which is the most important thing in international football. Premier league managers will be watching with one eye to make sure no injuries come about, especially with lots of upcoming fixtures such as Champions League.

World Cup Qualifiers

Messi was outstanding recently as Argentina drew with Paraguay in a very scrappy game. He was constantly fouled and carried Argentina through the game. Games like this often bring injuries, but are needed to determine World Cup places. Messi, the 36 year old, was single handedly dictating play and creating chances, although his deeper position meant he struggled to get in the box as much as usual. For someone like Messi, it is tough to maintain standards at club and country level, with age taking its toll.

International Friendlies

These football matches are arguably the least useful out of the three, as they provide no incentive for players, and make a boring spectacle for football fans across the world. England often turn up with a very slow approach, grind out a 1-0 win, and move on. These are also games which premier league managers are reluctant to send players to, as a injury is simply not worth it.

Overall, international football needs to be careful, and the next World Cup is all football fans really want to see.

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