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How Successful has the Premier League Project Restart been?

How Successful has the Premier League Project Restart been?

After the first full round of fixtures in gameweek 30 “plus”, organisations, fans and players are loving the return of football (unless you are an Arsenal fan). However, even those Arsenal fans still appreciate that we have football back and it is nice to see our teams out on the pitches, albeit playing in empty stadiums. That said, how successful has the return of football been in the UK?

Whilst football back in the UK almost every day at the moment, there is still a long way to go until fans can return safely

It has been a strange return to football, as the most important thing is the health of the people involved, as well as the wider population. With options like ‘no crowd noise’ on Sky Sports and BT Sport, you can hear the players and managers shouting at each other which for some is an eye opener in to the game we all love. However, sometimes it can be strangely quiet and almost awkward when there is a long silence. That said, we can’t complain as we have games almost every day to feast on.

With teams like Manchester City and Manchester United looking like they haven’t even had a break, the standard has been good, although a lack of goals is a bit frustrating across the smaller teams.

It also begs the question, when can grassroots football return? Many across the country are itching to play, and many are looking for new clubs already with some teams even starting pre-season soon. If you are looking to join a team, Footballclubsnearme can help anyone living in London find a football team here.

Ultimately, we love to see football back and whilst Liverpool are going to win the league, there is still lots to play for in terms of champions league and relegation battles.

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