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Grassroots Football – How will it make a return?

Grassroots Football – How will it make a return?

With Germany re-starting its football at a professional level, and many countries across Europe looking to follow suit shortly including the UK, the question now on the minds of many football fans across the UK is ‘When can I play football again?’.

Playing football with friends is a great gift to many, and hopefully soon the UK government will permit grassroots football to restart. Robbie Savage did question the Government recently, who did not give a date on the return of grassroots football. However, if schools and office workers are to return soon, then we hope that grassroots football will shortly follow.

With the Top League in the UK returning on the 17th June, although other leagues such as League 2 confirming the season has ended, there is inconsistent news coming out about the return of football. However, recent news suggests that grassroots football will make a comeback sooner than expected, in time for the new grassroots football season.

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