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More Information about Small Sided Local Football Clubs and Leagues (Updated February 2023)

5-a-side football is a popular variation of the traditional 11-a-side game played in the United Kingdom by most Football Clubs. As suggested, it mostly involves teams of five players each, and is played on a smaller pitch with smaller goals. This format of the game has become increasingly popular in the UK over the past 5 years or so, with indoor football facilities and outdoor sports pitches available for players of most ages.

One of the main benefits of playing 5-a-side football is the fast-paced and high-intensity nature of the game. With fewer players on the pitch, there is more space to move and fewer opportunities to rest. This means that players must be quick on their feet, have good stamina and be able to work effectively in a team.

Another advantage of 5-a-side football is its accessibility. With smaller teams and pitches, it is easier to organize and manage games, and the reduced physical demands make it a great option for people of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, the social aspect of the game is a big draw for many players, with team-building and camaraderie being important parts of the 5-a-side experience.

Overall, 5-a-side football is a fun, fast-paced and accessible version of the game that has become a popular pastime in the UK. Whether playing for fun or in a more competitive setting, it offers a great opportunity to stay fit, develop skills, and enjoy the social aspect of team sports. Here at Football clubs near me, we have designed a dynamic map of 5, 6 and 7 a side football leagues across the UK, so that you can find local places to start playing nearby.

A good warm-up which is used commonly with football players is called “Touch and Go”. Other coaches have used the same or similar drill, as it’s pretty straightforward and so the name may differ. Here is the drill:

2 players with one ball facing each other about 5 yards apart. The Player with the ball plays it to partner and follows the pass. The partner “kills” the pass (leaving it for passer) and starts jogging backwards. The First player catches up to ball and one touches it to partner’s other foot, alternating which of his/her partner’s feet receives each pass. Start at one touch line and move straight across to the other side of the field, where they switch roles and come back to the start (pairs of players are spaced out along the touch line). The movement is continuous; players do not stop until they reach the touch line. Start out at a modest pace until the players get the hang of it, then increase the speed. Finally, try and make a race to see which pair can get down and back first (or who is not last). After a few rounds at speed, players should start to feel tired. A variation would be the player moving backwards has the ball in her hands and tosses it to partner at different heights so she has to trap it (off thigh, chest, head) and play it back while constantly moving forward.

These help with conditioning while also getting better at fundamental passing/receiving football skills.