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Top 10 Footballers in 2020

Top 10 Footballers in 2020

Choosing the best football players currently is tricky, especially when the likes of Messi and Ronaldo are starting to reach the end of their peaks. Here are some thoughts on the top 10 footballers in 2020.

Messi and Ronaldo still dominate the debate of best footballers in 2020, but others are closing in.

  1. Messi
  2. Ronaldo
  3. Mbappe
  4. Hazard
  5. Van Dijk
  6. De Bruyne
  7. Neymar
  8. Suarez
  9. Kante
  10. Mane

This list of players is based on the 2019/2020 season, using both their team achievements and individual performances up until the point of lockdown. Players are doing their own fitness and training in their homes, in preparation for a return of football.

This list will see change come the return of football, as some players will be playing less than others depending on how their country is managing the Coronavirus. For now, Mbappe and Hazard are 3rd and 4th, although if Liverpool do officially win the Premier League, and depending on the Champions League outcome, it might well change with Mane and Van Dijk making a great case for top 3 world players currently.

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