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Football in Lockdown – Tips for Staying Fit

Football in Lockdown – Tips for Staying Fit

It might feel like football is completely gone at the moment. However, there are many ways in which you can stay sharp and fit, so that when the season resumes, you will be one step ahead.

It is important to get outside and play football at the local park for your physical and mental health

Here are some tips for keeping fit through football during a lockdown:

1. Get a new football online – its the best way to motivate yourself to start playing. Be sure to have a pump handy too, as footballs are often delivered flat.

2. Ask a friend for a kick-a-bout. Current guidelines say that this is allowed with one other person – that’s all you need for some long range passing!

3. Research football drills online to keep things fresh. Jogging around a football pitch is boring, but shuttle runs and then planting a strike in the top corner is certainly not.

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